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Felison Cruise Terminal

General information

Country Netherlands
Contact name Mr. Ron Maes or Mr. Frans Baud
Address Sluisplein 55, 1975 AG, IJmuiden
Telephone +31 (0)255 545454
Fax +31 (0)255 545426
E-mail general
E-mail operational messages
E-mail ISPS messages
Emergency Telephone +31 (0)255 545454
Operating hours 24 hours
Local time GMT +1
Summer time Yes
Local language Dutch

Berth and suppliers information

Suitable passengers berths 2
Berth names Felison Terminal
Felison Cruise Terminal
Maximum length Felison Terminal 1 - Cruise quay - 215 metres
Felison Terminal 3 - IJmond Harbour - 295 metres
Maximum beam Felison Terminal 1 - Cruise quay - 30 metres
Felison Terminal 3 - IJmond Harbour - 45 metres
Maximum Air Draft no restrictions
Maximum passengers Felison Terminal 1 - 1500 passengers
Felison Terminal 3 - no restrictions
Tide variation plus/minus 1 meter
Required notice 48 hours

Approach information

Recommendations Please consult:
ETA to: Pilot VTS IJmuiden
ETA Contents: Pilot VTS IJmuiden
Tel: 0255-523934
Fax: 0255-5234800
VHF radio: Traffic Centre IJmuiden Block Channel 7 (24 hrs)
ETA needed 48, 12, 6, 3 and 1 hours prior to arrival
Pilot pickup position 52° 28' 48
Port distance approximately between 3 and 8 nautical miles
VHF channel call 7
VHF channel work 61
Pilot VHF channel 19
Pilotage requirements Two good working VHF units
Pilot hours 24 hours daily
Overtime details None
Pilot boat conventional tender, high speed tender, helicopter
Approach Limits mac draught 28 feet
Prevailing currents South to North
Winds South West

Anchorage information

Anchorage position Anchorage IJmuiden road, 4 miles acon
Space reservation Yes
Anchorage depth variable
Maximum vessel bred no restrictions
Maximum length none
Maximum beam no restrictions
Maximum draft 52 ft
Maximum air draft no restrictions
Ships tenders No
Levies No
Shore launches No
Speed restrictions Yes


Nearest telephone office IJmuiden town
Nearest tourist office IJmuiden town
Tourist information office VVV IJmuiden
Bank facilities IJmuiden town
Public telephones Felison terminal - Inside terminal
Felison Cruise Terminal - not available
Restaurants Felison terminal - Inside main terminal
Felison Cruise Terminal - upon request
Taxis Yes
Local shuttle Yes
Public transport Yes
Toilets Yes
Post office Yes
Berth to Centre Distance IJmuiden 1 km, Amsterdam 20 km, Schiphol 15 km

Destination information


The port of IJmuiden is part of the municipality of Velsen and situated along the North Sea canal estuary, which discharges into the sea through enormous locks. It can look back on a very rich history, reflected in its landscape and architectural variety, which combines the peace of wide beaches and dune landscapes with historic country estates, woods and the hustle and bustle of a fishing port, fish market and local industry. With its unique location and excellent infrastructure and facilities, this versatile town offers a wide scope of local recreational activities, cultural sites and a convenient and quick access to a fast range of top hinterland marquee destinations.

Cruise ships moor at the berths of the Felison Terminal or Felison Cruise Terminal, which are conveniently located on the seaward side of the locks. The elegant terminal is able to harbour cruise vessel up to 295 meters, granting time saving access to the dynamic city of Amsterdam, which is only 30 minutes away. With close access to Schiphol Airport, the Felison Terminal & Felison Cruise Terminal provides the ideal starting point for the Baltic, the North Cape routes and City cruises.

IJmuiden offers a beautiful beachfront with extraordinarily wide beaches, a modern boulevard and cosy beach pavilions, which are open all year round. The Marina provides direct access to the sea and has been awarded no fewer than seven Blue Flags. Be adventurous and sail a blow cart on the wide beach, surf the waves, or go for a nature walk in the National Park Zuid Kennemerland with its protected dune landscape. The beachfront in IJmuiden is a glorious place to be for young and old.

Take a tour to visit the medieval ruins of Castle Brederode, or the embattlements on the Fort Island, part of the Unesco World Heritages Defence Line of Amsterdam. The area hosts more than 300 national, provincial and municipal monuments. See and hear all about IJmuiden's nautical past at the IJmuiden Sea and Harbour museum. If you want to get that seafarers feeling yourself, head for the open sea in a yacht, a real fishing boat or a RIB power boat.

Did you plan on visiting Amsterdam? See the Night watch by Rembrandt, be amazed by all the paintings in the Van Gogh Museum or take a tour through the canals and see the city from a different point of view.

IJmuiden is the perfect base for full and half day trips. At a mere 15 minute drive away the city of Haarlem, nominated best shopping city of the Netherlands, with its historic city centre, it's Frans Hals and Teyler Museums offers an unique destination. So are Beverwijk's renowned indoor flea market, the largest in Europe, hosting up to 80.000 visitors a week or the beautiful nature and recreation area of Spaarnwoude, with its 54 holes public golf club, horse stables and an indoor skiing slope.

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26-11-2019 16:37:59

From Monday, 30 September 2019, the Amsterdam Museum wing of Hermitage Amsterdam will include a new exhibition: DUTCH MASTERS RE-VISITED.



28-11-2019 13:40:24

On November 22nd Amsterdam Cruise Port took the initiative to assemble some of our partners and FloriWorld to see what the possibilities are with this new experience and making it accessible for cruise passengers.  Our partners will make concrete arrangements together to try to make it possible.

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