Huizen 2019

The municipality of Huizen starts this year - after the opening of the cruise ship jetty last year - as a new location. 40 reservations have already been made for this season, which is above for first year.

This first 'year of learning' is aimed at receiving and facilitating the ships as flawlessly as possible. In the future, more and more will be develop to promote Huizen and Het Gooi as a destination. Hopefully this way Huizen can be included as a full-fledged location in the cruising itineraries.
A business brochure with interesting facts is available. 

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Hoorn implements City Tax 

9-7-2019 14:45:00

Starting June 1st 2019 the Municipality of Hoorn has implemented a €2,- city tax.


knowledge session: Day tourist tax

9-7-2019 14:13:32

The subject of the 9 May knowledge session was the day tourist tax and the consequences for the cruise.

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