The most beautiful spring garden in the world

Keukenhof is the perfect place to enjoy millions of flowering tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other bulb flowers. A visit to the park is the most fun and flowery day out, and provides a wonderful backdrop for photographs. The most beautiful spring park in the world will offer you a unique sensation of scents and colours, 20 spectacular flower shows, surprising inspirational gardens and many more events.

Theme: A World of Colours

People from all countries and cultures meet in Keukenhof to enjoy the splendour of Dutch flowers. Everyone loves flowers, spring, tulips and bright bulb fields. Flowers and colours connect people worldwide in celebrations and rituals, in every culture in its own way. Discover the power of colours in the most colourful spring garden in the world.

Open in 2020 from 21 March – 10 May

Daily from 08.00 – 19.30 hours (ticket office open until 18.00)


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Hoorn implements City Tax 

9-7-2019 14:45:00

Starting June 1st 2019 the Municipality of Hoorn has implemented a €2,- city tax.


knowledge session: Day tourist tax

9-7-2019 14:13:32

The subject of the 9 May knowledge session was the day tourist tax and the consequences for the cruise.

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