knowledge session: Day tourist tax

The subject of the 9 May knowledge session was the day tourist tax and the consequences for the cruise.


There is a dichotomy, the river cruise has not yet made any or hardly any cancellations due to the day tourist tax that was introduced in Amsterdam. The sea cruise therein has already had 56 cancellations for 2019 as a result of the measure and for 2020 there have already been 67 cancellations.

The financial consequence is provisional for 2019, direct income reduction of approximately 2.4 million, indirect income reduction of 1.9 million and the income reduction for the shore is not yet known. For 2020 the provisional calculation is approximately direct income reduction of 2.6 million, indirect income reduction of 2.4 million and the income reduction for the shore is not yet known.

Tax revenues will also decrease correspondingly because the cancellations are mainly transit. An additional fact is that the passengers now come to Amsterdam by bus despite the fact that the ships have moved to IJmuiden or Rotterdam. The intended effect that people wanted to achieve with the introduction of the day tourist tax has a reversed result. No income and extra buses with the tourists in the city.

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