Knowledge session May 15th

Useful new insights from the knowledge session May 15th As a crew member on a river cruise ship how do you make sure that the passengers and the ship are and remain safe? This was one of the two topics of the ACP-knowledge sessions on the 15th of may at the Felison Terminal in Ijmuiden. The second topic was the image of the sea cruise passengers in Amsterdam. The knowledge session was visited by parties that are connected to the cruising industry in the region.

The safety of the passengers and ships demand thorough knowledge and skills of all members of the crew.

This is why Simwave developed specific training programs. This international training centre has a simulator where the crew can train a large verity of skills. The virtual bridge can be adjusted to different types of ships. This way the simulation resembles the reality more. The expertise requires knowledge, skill, and the right mentality. After all it is not only about the professional skills of operating the ship safely and keeping it functioning, it is of great importance to the guest to be treated hospitably.


Joost van Ree, co-owner of Simwave, explained that during the training the crewmembers are presented with a variety of “realistic” scenarios. They will have to deal with incidences and unexpected situations to which they have to learn the correct response. This way officers and crew become familiar with the ship and learn how to react under pressure. Even the non-nautical crewmembers who are responsible for the wellbeing of the passengers receive training. In this category you can find people like customer service and entertainment staff. The participants of the knowledge sessions found Joost van Ree’s presentation knowledgeable and inspiring, due to the fact that the training was not only about safety but also about improving customer satisfaction.


The second topic of the knowledge session was the imaging of the sea-cruise passengers in Amsterdam. This is regularly, however not always justifiably, negatively in the news. Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Port of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Cruise Port together gave Stadscala communication advisor, the task of implementing a short social media campaign. 

Facebook campaign

To that end stories and videos about sea cruise and sea cruise passengers where posted on Facebook. The campaign “Cruise guest my guest” in a time span of 10 weeks generated 161.000 follow up posts. During the lifespan of the campaign positive messages about cruises, cruise ship passengers and the PTA, where posted that generated a high participation and positive feedback. In a short time span a large target group was reached.


Input from entrepreneurs and inhabitants of Amsterdam seem to have increased the involvement of the community. Positive and personal short stories with personal views/ pictures yielded positive reactions.

Clear views

The campaign has generated a clear vision of what people in Amsterdam really think about the sea cruises and its passengers and how to influence that in a positive way. This insight into the target group and the tools are usable for future campaigns and messages. For instance about the River cruise passengers, and specific measures or promotional goals.


By highlighting interesting developments and opportunities the May 15th edition, was perceived by its participants,  as a successful and knowledgeable session. 

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