Lelystad is attracting visitors as a river cruise destination

The popularity of Lelystad as a destination is growing among both national and international tourists. This is apparent from, for example, the increase in river cruise ships which use Batavia Harbour in Lelystad either as their start or final destination, as well as cruise holidays which call in at the harbour for an interim stop.

Lelystad naturally came up with a smart response to this increasing demand. Batavia Harbour installed power supplies for the large ships in 2017, as well as water taps, where the ships can quickly restock around 100 cubic meters of water. The municipality of Lelystad and City Marketing Lelystad have also enlisted the help of the company Event Holland. They are working on several unique group packages for the river cruise market. The most popular packages are the ones which combine the city of Lelystad with the surrounding area. More and more cruise companies are now exploring Lelystad’s hospitality every year. 

A selection of these packages are: agricultural farmhouse visits, bike tours through the region, outlet shopping activities near the ship. But it also includes cultural connection tours, where the guests enjoy special experiences together with locals. Lelystad is also working on on-board activities, which specifically focus on the promotion of Dutch culture.  

Batavia Kwartier, which Batavia Harbour forms part of, is currently in full development. The fourth expansion of Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet has just been opened and the construction of a new apartment complex at the harbour will soon commence too. An increasing number of events are now also being organised in Batavia Harbour. For example, the HISWA in Water has been organised in Lelystad for the first time this year. This is the biggest in-water boat show in Northern Europe. The National Old-Timer Day is certainly also an event not to be missed. This old-timer meeting has developed into the biggest of its kind in our country, with an impressive 400 vehicles per year. This event can be accessed free of charge to both participants and the general public. Both of these are annually recurring events.

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