Smidtje luxury cruises

Smidtje Luxury Cruises specializes in 1hr private boat rentals for groups from 2 till 2.000 persons.

 We have a diverse range of open-, classic-, luxury saloon boats or design ships in different sizes, all silent and 100% electrically powered, a healthy and environmental friendly way of transportation in style. We have a wide range of delicious catering packages. Such as meeting specials, breakfast, lunch, drinks, cocktail receptions, buffets and luxury diner packages. An unique and inspiring experience!

A perfect way to explore the canals and city center of Amsterdam is a Cruise & Drink package.  Cruise with 100% electric unique luxury ships and enjoy our unlimited National bar drinking package and fried traditional Dutch ´Bitterball’s’!  In stead of booking a standard dinner cruise it’s also possible to surprise your guests with a Hallal buffet cruise! Special dishes, traditional ways of preparation and also very healthy! What more can you wish for!

During the summer we have special packages, use code SMIDTJEACP to get 10% discount. Check out our cruises on  / / +31 (0)20 670 60 67

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Hoorn implements City Tax 

9-7-2019 14:45:00

Starting June 1st 2019 the Municipality of Hoorn has implemented a €2,- city tax.


knowledge session: Day tourist tax

9-7-2019 14:13:32

The subject of the 9 May knowledge session was the day tourist tax and the consequences for the cruise.

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