Stromma Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival is best seen from the water Amsterdam Light Festival puts our capital city in the spotlights this winter!

 The city sparkles against the enchanting background of the Amsterdam canals with the work of many light artists. National and international artists have created unique works of art, most of which were made specifically for the 8th edition of the open-air exhibition.

Amsterdam Light Festival is best seen from the water as the artworks are located along the Amsterdam canals. The artworks' reflections cause a magical interplay between light and water. Want to experience the light art from up close? Founding partner Stromma offers several cruises with a spectacular view on the beautifully illuminated city. By open boat to cruise closely past the artworks, by comfortable heated canal cruise boat, as a romantic date or as the perfect group outing: pick your favourite! The cruises take in more than 20 light artworks throughout Amsterdam — one dazzling masterpiece after another — and provide information about the city, the artists and the artworks. More information



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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is much more than the location where your flight begins or ends. The airport truly is like a city.

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26-11-2019 16:37:59

From Monday, 30 September 2019, the Amsterdam Museum wing of Hermitage Amsterdam will include a new exhibition: DUTCH MASTERS RE-VISITED.



28-11-2019 13:40:24

On November 22nd Amsterdam Cruise Port took the initiative to assemble some of our partners and FloriWorld to see what the possibilities are with this new experience and making it accessible for cruise passengers.  Our partners will make concrete arrangements together to try to make it possible.

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