Work conference

Amsterdam Cruise Port took the initiative to get the cruise industry and the municipality of Amsterdam together, in order to establish a working relation between the city and cruise industry parties and realise solutions that are suitable for all parties.

The conference on the island of Pampus started with a welcome by Janine van Oosten (Chairwoman Amsterdam Cruise Port).

Hans Bekkers of Nieuw Script was the moderator for the day, the municipality of Amsterdam was represented by Rick Batelaan (coaches), Dimitri Frenken (berth locations) and Caroline van Campen (spatial planning).

Rick Batelaan presented the draft goals of the city on coaches and passenger transport around the city. Find this presentation here

As from 2022 on, coaches with a maximum of 7,5 metric tons and zero emission are likely to become the norm, and he informed us of the potential restricted areas for coaches (noncompliance) in the city in 2022 and 2025.

The conference lead to the following conclusions and decisions:

  1. -A letter of urgency will be sent to the alderman, by ACP on behalf of all the participants

  2. -We jointly will follow up with various activities (summary, letter, workgroup)

  3. -The need for certainty by the municipality about long-term investments is clear; we will emphasise this need

  4. -A workgroup will participate in creating the masterplan together with the municipality.

A follow up meeting will be organized by the Port of Amsterdam on the 22nd of November. the municipality will take initiative for starting the Masterplan by including the involvement of the cruise industry


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