Cruise Port Harlingen: Jewel in the Wadden sea

As one of Holland’s oldest seaports going back to the 13th century, and with a population of around just 16,000 people, Harlingen offers a wonderful contrast to Amsterdam, where the merchant houses, canals and inner harbours serve as an open-air museum instantly taking guests back to the Dutch Golden Age of shipping.

Harlingen is the gateway to the Friesland region of northern Holland, voted by Lonely Planet Guide as one of the top three places to visit in Europe in 2018, with Leeuwarden, European Capital of Culture last year, situated just 16 miles away.

Harlingen also has the bonus of being reached by the Wadden Sea, a World Heritage Site since 2009 and one of Europe’s most beautiful and unique nature reserves, and home to a host of flora and fauna, as well as 10 million wading birds each year. As a result, Harlingen is perfect for small, expedition and luxury cruise ships up to 160m in length.

Apart from discovering how Harlingen traded with The World through our guided city walks, there is such a variety of experiences for guests. See the oldest active planetarium in the world, built in 1774 by Eise Eisinga, perhaps discover The Afsluitdijk, Europe's longest dam built to protect a large part of the Netherlands against floods, or In a tradition unchanged for 400 years, see how the age-old knowledge of clay, glazing and pigments is translated into beautiful ceramic creations at The Harlingen Earthenware and Tile Factory.


Whatever you decide, you can be assured of the warmest welcome in the historic city of Harlingen.



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